SEAT Full Link Technology

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SEAT Full Link technology is a new infotainment system completely integrated into SEAT cars, offering a range of ways that you can connect with your smartphone. Compatible with practically all available smartphones, you can ensure you stay connected wherever your journey takes you.

Compatible with the SEAT Ibiza, SEAT Toledo, SEAT Leon and SEAT Alhambra models, you can get better connected while staying safe on the road.

SEAT Mirrorlink

SEAT Mirrorlink technology is ideal for those who want to be connected at all times. Just plug in your compatible smartphone to your SEAT car and you'll be ready to safely use your device without having to take your eyes off the road.

You can read and answer your messages through voice recognition while driving in comfort. It gives you access to compatible mobile apps features, such as 'Read to Me' which recites your messages and synced social media updates.

The intelligent SEAT DriveApp uses 'Challenger' to help you perform better on the road and give you an enjoyable and unique driving experience. You can monitor your driving through 'Route Tracker' and analyse your driving habits while testing your skills in multiple challenges.

Use Personal Desktop to put your favourite applications and widgets at your finger tips. Access the clock, mini player, points of interest and location specific weather at the touch of a screen.

Simply plug in your smartphone device and control your device through the buttons on your steering wheel, the built in touch-screen display or with voice recognition.

Drive with Android

Working with Google, we've ensured all the features you use everyday on your Android can be used safely and seamlessly with your SEAT model. AndroidAuto offers better connected driving.

A simple, intuitive interface with voice activated commands, AndroidAuto lets you use all the features of your smartphone, right from the steering wheel of your SEAT car, it's built in display or through Google Voice control.

From maps, to messaging, to music, you can do everything while keeping your eyes fixed on the road. With Google Voice, you can say the song you want to hear, the place you want to go or the friend you want to message and AndroidAuto takes care of the rest.

Just connected your Android phone to your new SEAT, choose AndroidAuto from the menu that appears, configure once and you're ready to go.

What happens next is up to you: make calls and receive messages, get directions or listen to music without having to lift a finger. After all, your life doesn't stop when you're on the road.

Apple CarPlay

Imagine if all the things you use your iPhone for everyday were possible to do while driving. From maps, to messaging, to music, Apple CarPlay lets you do exactly that.

CarPlay takes all of your essential iPhone features and brings them seamlessly into your SEAT car. It's a safer way to stay connected to all the things you love, while you're out on the road. Controlled using Siri voice commands and gestures, or your car's inbuilt display, you can keep your eyes on the road while enjoying the features of your iPhone.

Get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to audio books and music - not to mention all the third party apps the App Store has to offer. Everything is just a voice command away with Siri.

Getting started with CarPlay is as easy as using your iPhone. Connect to your SEAT's USB port, configure it once and you're ready to go. Control all your favourite apps from your steering wheel or activate Siri for voice control when messaging your friends, finding your way around or choosing your favourite driving music.

With CarPlay, you'll never miss an important phone call or message just because you are driving or feel disconnected without access to directions. Enjoy all the features of your iPhone - only the touch of a screen or a voice command away.

Watch the video opposite for an inside look at SEAT Full Link technology and how you can get connected.

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