SEAT Cars Break Sales Record

Great news! SEAT have kicked off the second-half of the year at a record-setting pace, following the best first half results in their entire history.

With an 35.7% increase of new SEAT car deliveries in July 2018, compared to the same month last year, they have reached an impressive total of 52,700 vehicles sold worldwide.

From January to July 2018, SEAT sold a whopping 342,700 vehicles, representing a total increase of 20.1% from 2017.

SEAT Vice-president for Marketing and Sales Wayne Griffiths pointed out that “the increase in sales since January keeps us in the lead of the fastest growing volume brands in Europe.

SEAT Announce Record-Breaking Sales Total for 2018

SEAT is posting record volumes thanks to the offensive of models including the Ateca SUV and the Arona crossover. One out of every three cars we are currently selling is an SUV, and this figure is going to go up in the next few months with the consolidation of the Arona and the launch of the Tarraco”.

In the first half of 2018, SEAT's operating profit also rose by 62.7%, reaching an eye-watering record figure of 212 million euros. SEAT praises the addition of the popular SEAT Arona in helping lead the way to their commercial success.

With the launch of the upcoming SEAT Tarraco, we can only expect to hear of these figures soaring in the future. Keep up the good work SEAT!