The SEAT Tarraco. A Closer Look

Are you as excited about the upcoming SEAT Tarraco as we are? Having made its road debut with camouflage, in order to disguise its much anticipated design, we are still very much in suspense about what the released model will look like.

However, prior to its official presentation on the 18th September, Stefan Ilijevic, Head of Predevelopment, Patents and Innovation at SEAT, has shared his impressions at the wheel of the new SEAT SUV model.

Having taken the Tarraco on a whirlwind tour of the Tarragona Mediterranean landscape, he was able to push its capabilities to the limit and give us some insider's knowledge on what we can expect from the Tarraco. After turning on the ignition, Stefan comments that: “the feeling at the wheel of the new SEAT Tarraco is impressive. It’s very dynamic and makes you feel safe at the same time”.

New SEAT Tarraco
New SEAT Tarraco

The Tarraco can seat up to seven passengers and has an impressive 760 litre luggage compartment, giving the driver “a great feeling of size and spaciousness”, adds the engineer.

When testing the Tarraco's off-road capabilities, Stefan adds that “It handles rocky mountainous terrain with a slope of up to 70% with ease. Its all-wheel drive seems to have no limits. Right now the car is braking by itself. It has been designed to successfully tackle lateral tilts of 85%. On this kind of terrain it conveys a feeling of sturdiness and safety"

In this new SEAT Model, you will find two new driver assistant features. Included in this is Rollover Assist, which automatically unlocks doors, turns off the engine and even activates an emergency call in the case of a vehicle roll-over.

With many features like these built-in, its no wonder there is so much hype around the release of the SEAT Tarraco. For more information on our range of new SEAT cars, please contact your nearest retailer.