SEAT Pothole Check

& Wheel Alignment Offer

When was the last time you went over a pothole? The chances are it was very recently and that it was one of many.

That's why we offer Free Pothole Checks. And if needed, wheel alignment starting from £120.

Wheel alignment ensures your wheels are set to the optimum specifications for your SEAT, check by our certified manufacturer technicians. Incorrect alignment can result in irregular tyre wear and affect the handling and safety of your SEAT.

Which is why we are offering free wheel alignment checks at our Specialist Cars SEAT Dealerships in Aberdeen, Dundee and Stirling. The checks include:

  • Inspect suspension and steering systems, including air pressure and tyre condition
  • Vehicle placed on alignment rack, where sensors are mounted and compensated
  • Print initial tyre alignment readings.
  • Camber, caster and toe angles are adjusted according to manufacturer specifications
  • Print final tyre alignment readings.
  • Test drive the vehicle

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