Keep things running. And spinning.

Car batteries can deteriorate if your vehicle has been left out in the cold or sitting idle. It’s worth checking that everything’s still top-notch during the winter months which put even more strain on your car. We’ll perform a visual health check including battery, tyres, and overall condition.

Get your SEAT ready with our Winter Health check for just £24.99.

At the  we want to ensure that your car is safe to drive as winter temperatures take hold and seasonal road conditions are upon us. Now is the perfect time to prepare your car for the harsh road conditions that can affect your car's ability to be safe.

We have appointments available for you to book your car's Winter Health Check.

Book your car in for a Winter Health Check and be ready to hit the road this winter or when the time comes. A list of items covered under our Winter Health Check are detailed below.

For £24.99 you will receive:

  • Vehicle Health Check
  • Anti-Freeze Check
  • Complimentary Fluid top-up including oil, water, coolant and ad-blue (up to 1 litre)

Book Your Winter Check Now

Your Vehicle Health Check will include one of our manufacturer trained technicians checking your vehicle using video to capture the inspection. Your Service Advisor will then take you through a report of the results which is a very easy to understand traffic light system. GREENmeans no service or maintenance is required, AMBER means work is advisory or may need attention soon, and REDhighlights work that requires immediate attention.

We look forward to welcoming you for a £24.99 Winter Health Check here at Specialist Cars SEAT Aberdeen & Dundee.