Supagard for your SEAT

SEAT Paint Protection

Want to protect that new car feeling? Supagard, the market leader for car and paint protection with quality car care products offering world class protection for both new and used cars. Supagrad products create a though, protective coating to shield your SEAT from environmental hazards. Compliment your showroom finish with Supagrad with the reassurance Supagrad Aftercare products are fully compatible with exterior paint, interior leather protection and fabric protection. Overall, Supagard offers total peace of mind by protecting your SEAT from the day you take delivery for the lifetime of ownership, guaranteed.

Specialist Cars SEAT offer a comprehensive range of Supagard products which includes Paint Protection, Fabric protection, Vinyl Protection, Leather Care, Key Recovery and Security Marking. These products offer world class protection and value to both new and used vehicles.

Why choose Supagard? All Supagard products undergo continuous and rigorous independent testing by manufacturers and the Paint Research Association to maintain our technical superiority over other products.

Protect your MINI today with SEAT Paint Protection. Contact us for more information.

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