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If problems like arthritis are making it difficult for you to get in and out of your car, you might want to consider having it adapted to better suit your needs. This also applies to wheelchair users. Leasing a Mobility Contract Hire Scheme car gives you the freedom to make these adaptations, and this can have a significant effect on your mobility.

Our experienced Motability team will be available to discuss your exact needs and identify the best adaptations available to suit your individual circumstances. As a leading Motability dealer we have a lot of experience making a wide range of Motability adaptations, modifications and conversions. These adaptations are dealt with as part of your Motability order so we take care of everything and you just have to pick up the keys.

What Adaptations are Possible?

There are several changes that you can make to a Mobility car, and these include:

  • An adjustable steering column
  • Parking sensors
  • Start button ignition
  • Push-pull hand controls
  • Left-foot accelerators
  • An electric hoist to lift powered wheelchairs and scooters into the car
  • Swivel seats
  • Easy release handbrakes
  • Pedal extensions
  • Steering wheel balls
  • Infrared controls

Many of these adaptations are fitted alongside normal controls, so other members of the family can still drive the car. If you need adaptations for your Motability car we want to make it as easy as possible for you to select and order them. Many of the adaptaions are available at no extra cost. Simply select the adaptations you require and order them at the same time you order your new car. It all adds up to a hassle-free route to adapted motoring!

To find your perfect Motability car, or for more information on our Motability services, contact us today.

Swivel Seat Motability Adaptation

If you have limited body movement or stiff legs a swivel seat can help you get in and out of the car more easily. They can also increase driver and passenger comfort. Although they will be slightly different depending on what vehicle you have, the primary aim of the swivel seat is to allow the entire seat to turn or even to extend out of the vehicle with additional movement features such as lowering and tipping. This can help make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle and there are manual or electric versions available.

Operation: A remote control operates the chair as it turns out to face the driver or passenger, allowing plenty of space to sit down on the chair. Use the remote control to then move the chair round into the required position.

A wheelchair swivel seat is also available which has a second section that acts as the wheelchair base. The top section, which effectively becomes the seat, can be connected to the car and utilises all of the above swivel actions to aid getting in and out. Manual and electric versions are also available however this option does require more than one person to operate.

Wheelchair Stowage: Electric Boot Hoist Motability Adaptation

If you cannot lift your wheelchair into your boot an electric hoist will solve this problem by easily taking the weight and manoeuvring into the boot of your car.

Operation: This will depend on the model but most are similar in operation. Once you have attached the wheelchair, use the electric keypad to lift and move the wheelchair into the boot.

Rooftop Wheel Chair Stowage Motability Adaptation

If you need your boot to store other things such as luggage, equipment or even the dog, you might want to store your wheelchair in a rooftop box.

Operation: This will depend on the model but most are similar in operation. Once you have attached the wheelchair, a hand-held control operates the lifting, folding and storage of the wheelchair.

Push/Pull Hand Control Motability Adaptation

If you are unable to use the foot pedals in your car, a push and pull device will enable you to control the speed with your hand.

Operation: Push the lever forward to apply the brake and pull it backwards to apply the accelerator.

Radial Accelerator Motability Adaptation

Similar to the push and pull control, the radial accelerator can help you control the speed of your car if you are unable to use the foot controls.

Operation: To accelerate, push downwards on the lever in a slight radial action, pushing the lever away from the body to brake.

Steering Wheel Ball Motability Adaptation

If you have difficulty holding or turning a steering wheel or have the use of only one hand, having a steering wheel ball fitted means you will have more control when steering your car.

Operation: Simply hold the ball, making sure your hand is comfortable, and use it to turn the steering wheel in the direction you need.

Left Foot Accelerators Motability Adaptation

If you are unable to use your right leg, you could use a pedal transfer to switch the accelerator to the opposite side, enabling you to control the speed with your left foot.

Operation: For a twin flip accelerator, you pull down the pedal required and the other pedal flips up automatically. You can then use that pedal while the other is safely folded up out of the way. Floor mounted left foot accelerators operate with a guard to cover the pedal not in use.

Easy Release Hand Brake Motability Adaptation

If you have limited strength or flexibility in your arms an easy release handbrake device will reduce the effort needed to apply and release the hand brake.

Operation: This will depend on the type of device you choose. Some are operated by buttons and some by a small lever.

Infrared Controls Motability Adaptation

If you have limited movement in your upper body, infrared controls can bring everything to your fingertips. They make it easier to manage certain functions in your car, which make it safer or more comfortable to drive.

Operation: This is a simple keypad, which is often attached to the steering wheel. You simply press the button of the function you need.

To find out more about Motability adaptations and how we can modify your car based on your specific needs, contact John Clark Motability today.