Benefits of the Motability Scheme

Motability Dealer in Scotland

Why Choose Motability

Aside from representing excellent value for money, there are numerous advantages to leasing a vehicle through Motability. Many of these go a long way towards reducing the running and maintenance costs of the vehicle in question.

The support offered by specialist Motability teams like the one at John Clark is comprehensive, with help and guidance at every turn to ensure that you leave with the right vehicle to suit your mobility needs. They will even organise your road tax, ensuring one less thing to worry about.

The mileage offered by the scheme is ample, with up to 60,000 miles allowed over the three-year lease period. If you intend to travel further, there is a charge of five pence for every mile you travel over this limit.

Motability Benefits Include:

  • A brand new car every three years
  • Insurance, servicing and maintenance included
  • Full breakdown assistance
  • Annual road tax included​
  • Replacement tyres
  • Windscreen repair or replacement
  • 60,000 mileage allowance over three years for cars
  • Two named drivers for your car​

Servicing and Breakdown Cover

A full maintenance programme is also included as part of the Motability package. Insurance coverage includes up to two nominated drivers, and is equivalent to a full policy found outside the scheme. This means that full coverage will be provided even if you choose not to drive yourself. Breakdown assistance and roadside recovery are also provided year-round by the RAC, who operate a special Motability Assist helpline.

As well as insurance, regular maintenance and servicing are included as part of the Motability programme. Window, windscreen and tyre damage are covered, and any servicing will be arranged by your Motability dealership.

Perhaps the best perk of the scheme, however, comes at the end of the lease period. Motability customers are automatically offered a brand-new vehicle if they choose to renew their contract for another three years. Details of this will be sent a few months before the current contract expires.

The Motability experts at John Clark in Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth and Kirkcaldy possess the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process of selecting your perfect transport solution. We are proud to be the number one provider of Motability vehicles and services in Scotland, and strive to surpass our customers' expectations. To find out more about the scheme, continue browsing the Motability section of the site. Alternatively, enquire online, call or visit us on site and speak to a member of staff – we'll be happy to arrange a test drive.

Why Choose Motability

Being able to keep on the move can be incredibly helpful which is why the Motability Scheme is so popular. The vehicle provided is fully cared for, with road tax, insurance and breakdown cover all being taken care of. Each Motability car can be adapted and modified to help make it more accessibleto you and your specific needs. Here are some examples of people that have used the Motability Scheme, explaining why it has been so helpful to them.