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The MINI Hatch is one of the most iconic cars on the road today. Easily recognisable and widely admired, it has a modern, stylish design as well as a range of efficient engines, making it one of the best urban-based cars on the market. Available on the Motability Scheme from John Clark, you can tailor the MINI to match your driving requirements with a selection of adaptations.

Motability Offers

The MINI Hatch is available in five different variants, including a five-door model which is ideal for the Motability Scheme. Exterior styling is still very similar to the original new-generation MINI, with bold front headlights and a smart-looking front grille. You can personalise your MINI as well, with a choice of alloy wheel upgrades and the Pepper or Chilli equipment pack.

MINI Hatch Motability Interior

Standard interior features include the circular infotainment display, which offers easy and quick access to all the on-board technology. Interior surfaces and doors are all customisable, which allows you to find a MINI that matches your own style. As you would expect from a MINI Hatch the interior is compact, but with a wider, longer profile than ever before, the new-generation models have an increased amount of space. The five-door model has a boot space of 278 litres, which offers enough room for mobility aids and a wheelchair if needed.


The entry-level 1.2-litre petrol variant of the MINI produces up to 61.4mpg with CO2 emissions of just 108g/km. For those in search of optimum efficiency, the three-door diesel model will deliver as much as 80.7mpg, helping to keep running costs remarkably low. Depending on your needs, we are able to provide a variety of adaptations and modifications to your Motability car to help make it more accessible and practical. As leading Motability specialists, we have a lot of experience in adapting your car to your individual circumstances, so please feel free to discuss this with a member of our team.

Motability Safety and Technology

You will be safe and secure in the MINI wherever you travel, thanks to the full suite of airbags that will activate on impact. New advanced technology includes a rear-view camera, head-up display and adaptive cruise control that is camera-based, giving you all-round support in any situation.

There's a selection of driving adaptations available on the MINI Hatch, including mini-hoists to help you get a wheelchair or scooter into the boot. You can also add hand controls or pedal modifications to make your life safer and more comfortable on the road, while swivel seats will make it easier to gain access to the cabin.

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