5 Reasons to buy a Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE For Sale

1. Range

Never worry about range anxiety, the Renault ZOE has you covered with an impressive range of 186 miles on one charge in the summer and 124 miles in the winter. The Renault ZOE can get you wherever you need to go with less need to recharge on the way, saving your valuable time and money.

2. Value for Money

Buying a Renault ZOE will save you money! When you buy an electric car there is usually a high-up front cost, but it will cost you less over time. For start, you save big on fuel and the government offers a £3,500 ‘Plug In Grant’ to try to make you switch to electric to reduce emissions.

3. Battery and Charging

Without a doubt, the pinnacle of the innovation in the Renault ZOE is the lithium-ion battery. It is very easy to charge and thanks to the Chameleon Charger it is compatible with various power sockets and sources.

There are three easy ways to charge your Renault ZOE battery. At home, a Wallbox charger that offers a 7kW charge that can fully charge in 7-8 hours. Out and about, there are over 11,000 public charging points between 22kW to 43kW which can charge your electric car between 3-16 hours respectively. Finally, Quick charging is available at most motorway services and ideal for long journeys, charging your ZOE to 100% in 2 hours 40 minutes approximately.

4. Style

We all want style in our lives, and the Renault ZOE does not disappoint. With is chrome diamond on a wide radiator, streamlined blue tinted headlamps and transparent rear lights. From behind the wheel, the effortless and clean styling which continues the distinctive design represent the future of mobility. With comfort and lots of space for a coupe, dynamic driving qualities and class-leading technologies, what are you waiting for?

5. Lifestyle

Buying an electric car is not only good for your pocket but good for the environment too. With the world more environmentally cautious and the changing attitude towards a more sustainable future. Electric cars help reduce gas emissions and improve air quality. Fuel for thought? To discover more about the benefits of owning an electric car, view our blog post here.

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