Used Renault CLIO

Launched over 30-years ago, the Renault Clio boasts an iconic presence on the road. Undoubtedly one of France's finest cars to hit the UK roads. 

Having won the European Car of the Year not once but twice, we are clearly not the only ones who hold this supermini in high regard. The Clio is the only car to have achieved this award two times apart from the Volkswagen Golf. 

One attractive trait of the Clio is the outstanding selection of available trims and engine sizes. No matter your specific tastes or needs, there is an option for you, but more on that later.  

A Renault Clio is a typical first car with young drivers and makes the top ten best-selling cars in the UK list regularly. The Clio's popularity isn't restricted to the UK either. Sales of this little car are impressive straight across Europe. This comes down to its unparalleled value for money, reliability, and solid performance. There is no sign of this slowing any time soon either. 

Why Should I Buy a Clio?

There are many reasons to go with a Clio for your next car. Firstly, this premium Renault car is considered an all-rounder with reliable engines and an excellent safety rating. Altogether, it offers a solid driving experience that will have you comparing every other car you buy to the Clio. It is clear to see why the Renault Clio is a popular choice. 

The Clio is also very economical and can keep your commuting costs down. This supermini can go as high as 83mpg! It also emits low CO2 making it exempt from road tax. A nice bonus!

You'll find the Clio to be very spacious inside. In some models, passengers in the rear can have a little less space than in other supermini's, but you should fit four adults comfortably. Jump in the back and see how you feel when buying your car to see how you feel. 

You'll find the dashboard simple, clean, and straightforward to understand. Ensuring that nothing will distract you from the road. On the other end of the car, you'll benefit from a spacious boot. While not class-leading, it will still offer more than enough space for all of your shopping with ease. 

Another reason to opt for a Clio is the solid safety ratings they get from the Euro NCAP. For example, the 2019 Clio took all five stars and scored impressive scores with 96% for adults and 89% for children. Indeed thanks to its broad range of safety features. A five-star rating is a common sight for the Renault Clio. 

Which Model of Renault Clio Should I get?

This is a common question we get once people settle on buying a Clio. No doubt this is down to the dizzying number of options on the market. The most popular options include: 

  • Renault Clio Expression 
  • Renault Clio Expression +
  • Renault Clio Dynamique Nav
  • Renault Clio Renaultsport

Each model varies in power and features, with the Expression being at the entry-level point and the Renaultsport a bit more performance-focused. 

What Should I look out for When Buying a Used Clio?

With over three decades on UK roads, there are a few things to watch out for when selecting your new Clio. 

A common issue reported with Clio's is the automatic gearbox failing. Test driving will allow you to test. At the same time out on your test drive double-check that all the electrics are in good working order. 

Brake and suspension problems are also an issue frequently reported on a Clio. To check the suspension, push the bumper down and watch how many times it bounces. Any more than two times is a red flag. To check the brake's performance, hold the wheel lightly when braking and watch out for the car pulling to either side. This would indicate that one side is failing. 

As with any car, checking the service history is also advisable ensuring that it has been appropriately cared for. Also, looking in the interior to see if there have been any broken items or poorly managed can give you an insight into how the previous owner treated the car.