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When you service your vehicle with Specialist Cars Renault, you can trust that it’s in the hands of experts who will restore it to peak condition. Our thorough Vehicle Health Checks cover all key safety components, including brakes, suspension, lights, steering, tyres, exhaust and fluid levels, ensuring your Renault remains reliable and safe on the road. This complimentary service is available with any maintenance repair or service.

A key feature of our Vehicle Health Check procedure is our colour-coded document system, which categorises the condition of various components. Using red, amber and green indicators, it clearly communicates the urgency of any required maintenance: red for urgent attention, amber for upcoming needs, and green for optimal condition. This straightforward system allows you to quickly understand the health of your vehicle, making it easier to prioritise necessary repairs and maintenance.

Red Light

Signifies urgent attention for safety. Often, safety concerns and/or legal implications can be the cause of this.

Amber Light

Indicates upcoming maintenance will be required. You will have the opportunity to authorise the proposed maintenance, benefiting from the use of authentic Renault parts and your vehicle already being on the ramp, under the care of our Renault trained technicians.

Green Light

Suggests your Renault is performing at its optimum level and no work is needed.

At Specialist Cars Renault, our servicing includes the timely replacement of critical components, ensuring your Renault gets exactly what it needs, maintaining its performance and safety standards. This approach provides peace of mind, knowing your car is always ready for the road. Additionally, our Vehicle Health Checks are designed to identify potential issues before they become major problems, saving you time and money on future repairs.

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