Used Renault Megane

The Megane is a fine example of the innovation you can expect from Renault. It offers a clever mix of style and affordability; this car leaves rivals left wanting. From its iconic rear end to its economical running costs, you'll struggle to beat what the Megane offers.

It's been on the road since 1995, and it has only become stronger and stronger each year. Earning a reputation for incredible drive quality, road feel, and comfort. Even named the European Car of the Year in 2003. The Megane has retained its place as a leading choice for families.

To suit all needs, the Megane has been created in a wide range of styles. This includes Hatchback, Coupe, Coupe Cabriolet, Sport Tourer, and Renault Sport. One for all preferences. Along with the array of styles, you also benefit from a broad choice of engines and trims, a common trait of Renault's offering. A number of these body shapes are the most beautiful on the market today.

New Renault Megane

Why Should I Buy a Megane?

It doesn't take much convincing to persuade someone that a Megane is an excellent choice for your next car.

Starting with the exterior, the Megane is instantly recognisable, thanks to its unique shape. Coupling this with the wide range of body styles gives this car a bold presence on the road. The key perk of the boot shape is the extra boot space it offers. Trips into the town centre for lots of shopping will be simple to fit in the boot. 

The front cabin is very spacious, ideal for extended periods of driving. Thanks for the broad range of features it offers inside the car. Renault's reputation for creating highly kitted out cars as standard has not failed them with the Megane. Newer models even come with a sat-nav as standard. 

Driving the Megane is a dream with responsive and accurate steering and the option to upgrade to the Renault Sport if you are looking for something a little adrenaline-fueled.  

Running costs are particularly good across all models. To make your new car even more economical, some more recent models offer a stop/start feature. This brings the CO2 under the 100g/km threshold, excluding this from road tax.

Another area where the Megane excels is safety. Every model of the Megane has achieved high scores in the Euro NCAP rating. No doubt, thanks to its wide array of safety features. 

There is good news if buying this used. Renault Megane's don't hold their value that well. This means that there are many excellent used market where you are spoilt for choice. Not so great when looking to buy one new.

Which Megane Should I Buy? 

Renaults are well known for their choice of trims and models. Picking a Megane can be a challenge. Here are a few we keep an eye out for: 

  • Renault Megane GT
  • Renault Megane Renault Sport
  • Renault Megane Dynamique TomTom
  • Renault Megane Expresssion +

Things to Look out for When Buying a Used Megane

Megane's are known to experience electrical faults. Most commonly in the electric windows. Double-check these and other electronics are in good working order during your test drive. As with all cars, you'll want to inspect this car visually. Looking for rust or shoddy bodywork, any signs of dodgy repair work. While driving, check the steering is responsive along with the brakes and suspension too.