New Renault Clio: The Standard-Setting Versatile City Car Ushers in A New Style

The Renault Clio has been popular since its launch in 1990 with 16 million units sold worldwide so far. As well as that, it has been named France’s favourite car, become an international bestseller, and has won two Car of the Year awards in Europe. Now, it reinvents itself to become a perfect illustration of Renault’s “Nouvelle Vague”, brimming with its latest breakthroughs.

The new design language used signals a new life cycle for the Clio and for the Renault brand. The new technical front of the Clio radiates vigour whilst the light signature has been completely redesigned and channel’s the brand identity. The lines of the New Clio are exact and efficient to give the model a more striking character.

All trim levels will have a digital dashboard and it comes with a wider choice of powertrains than any other car in the category with the highlight being the 145hp E-Tech full hybrid. It will also include the new Esprit Alpine trim which creates a unique sporty, techy, and classy look that encapsulates everything that the Renaulution stands for.

Gilles Vidal, VP Design, Renault Brand said “There is a real love story with the Clio in France and all around the world actually. So we wanted to celebrate the core values of this icon, and bring it to a next level by transforming it. We kept in mind the need of homogeneity, and the idea of projecting it into the future, with a more technological design, while keeping its human touch. The New Clio is the successful fusion of generous shapes, sculpted volumes, sharp lines and graphics."