New Renault Master Unveiled​

A blue Renault Master parked and plugged  to charge
The steering wheel and all other controls in the front of the new Renault Master
Looking into the cargo space of a blue Renault Master

On 21st November 2023, Renault unveiled the new Renault Master, designed to meet all the needs of professionals. The fourth-generation model has been designed to provide practical solutions to rising fuel prices, restricted access to city centres, and the need to support customers in the energy transition.

It was designed in a wind tunnel with a complete redesign from the previous generation for greater efficiency. Key elements of the design, such as the tilt of the windscreen, the new front end, the air intakes, the shape of the exterior mirrors, and the tighter rear area have been worked on specifically to enhance aerodynamic performance which then, in turn, offers significant energy gains that allows you to go further, load more, and spend less.

There are three different versions of the Renault Master:

  • A Blue dCi diesel version with 105 to 170 bhp, offering significant gains in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption
  • An electric version with 96 or 105 kW and a 40 or 87 kWh battery, offering a WLTP range of over 410 km
  • A hydrogen version

The innovations applied to the fourth generation of the Renault Master means that the electric version consumes up to 21% less energy whilst the internal combustion engine version saves 1.5l/100km whilst retaining a payload of up to 1625kg.

Louis Morasse, design director, LCV Range, Renault said: “We put the customer – and simplifying their daily life – at the centre of everything we did. We stopped at nothing to make sure the New Renault Master doubles up as a proper, practical, comfortable and, especially, ultra-high-quality workstation.”

The Renault Master’s high-grade interior is now closer to that of a passenger vehicle and the S-shaped dashboard adds to the spaciousness. The back of the middle seat folds down into a workable desk and the base houses a slot to store your laptop, alongside USB-C ports to power your devices.

There’s also a total of 135 litres of storage space, a 25% increase, with many compartments on the dashboard, side cupholders, glove-box drawers, cab-ceiling slots and two storage tiers in the doors. This makes the new Renault Master a leader in space and storage.

For more information about the new Renault Master, including when it will become available to test drive and order, contact the team at Specialist Cars Renault today.