The Renault K-ZE Has Been Unveiled At Paris Motor Show 2018

The Paris Motor Show 2018 showcased Renault’s new mini electric crossover. The new K-ZE concept was revealed at the 2018 Show amongst other brands who were exhibiting their new electric vehicles. The electric vehicle trend has given us the now iconic Renault Zoe, so we are very excited about what to expect from the new K-ZE.

Whenever Renault release a new model we are very excited about the drive and performance. But as with most previews we will have a while to wait before we get to experience this from the Renault K-ZE. However, we can drool over the outer aesthetics of the new electric car.

The outer will have redesigned front and rear fascia’s as well as new detailing around the side of the electric vehicle. If you are a big fan of Renault, you might recognise some of the styling.Inspired by the Renault Kwid, the new Renault K-ZE has similar styling but with an electric modern edge. Keeping the crossover rugged qualities by enhancing these with LED rear lights, intricately designed wheels to add a premium aesthetic and blue accents on the roof which ombre down into the car’s body paint. All of which have our hearts racing.

The Renault K-ZE performance has not yet been mentioned but we can have high hopes for long mileage on a single charge. As this is an electric crossover, we hope that we will get the chance to go out and about in this new vehicle. Knowing that this will be another zero-emission vehicle makes us very happy. Renault have really invested in a greener and more sustainable drive.

The interior of the Renault K-ZE is still unknown, although we have seen a glimpse of the Renault future we have to keep guessing at what they will design. If the K-ZE follows on from their other crossover siblings, we can expect great technology inside and adaptable upgrades to enhance the driving experience even further.

We are all very excited about what might be coming soon from Renault. We loved the Zoe and we are sure to love the Renault K-ZE too.