How does it work?

John Clark Motor Group introduce a new smartphone App called "JC Connect" that connects to your vehicle and gives you access to a variety of great services and features. Our service doesn't end for our members once they have left our dealerships, we stay with you every part of your journey. The app connects to your vehicle using our JC Connect smartplug, it then links with your car and let's us know when you need us! It holds the data in a easy understandable format.
It also has some handy tools such as 'Where did I Park?' which helps you find where you parked your car and 'Business Miles' which accurately records your business miles download direct to a expenses form! Plus, get access to bespoke deals and special offers.

We want to be there all the way!

Feel safe and secure with JC Connect. The app has some fantastic safety features. It will notify you when you need your next service or MOT, if you have any mechanical or electrical faults and the best way to fix the problem, if you have been in an accident and if you don't pick up your phone we will notify emergency services. Your car automatically keeps you in touch!

Louise 39, who already uses JC Connect likes the security for her and her daughters when they are on the road.

"Just knowing that emergency services would be contacted and given our location in the event that I was unable to call them myself gives my fiancé and me peace of mind.”

Find out more about what JC Connect Smartplug has to offer by speaking to one of our dealership advisors at your nearest SEAT and drive away happy:

Aberdeen - 01224 947862 or Dundee - 01382 281029