Mark Beaumont Around The World

Day 14: Is the day that Mark completed his Around Britain Challenge in preparation for the 'Round The World In 80 Days'

Mark says of day 14 today into his Round The World In 80 Days Challenge 'I am physically and mentally in better shape now than I was then'. Day 14 also see's Mark out of the Ural's and onto the Siberian steppe.

You can follow Mark on his journey by clicking on the link below. Alternatively, keep watching our latest news pages.


We have below listed some of Mark's latest videos of his progress. Keep it up Mark, you are doing amazing and the team here @ Specialist Cars ŠKODA Dundee - Aberdeen & Perth are right behind you.

Day 7: See Mark as he makes it into Russia.

Day 9: Watch Mark after an early morning fall.

Day 10: Laura gives and update on Marks fall on Day 9.

Day 12: Mark gives an injury update to his followers.