What is the VW Data Plug?

Modern vehicles are designed with connectivity in mind. Connectivity to your smartphone, your entertainment and media devices, and satellite navigations systems. This connectivity also needs to be as safe as possible, meaning many manufacturers are continuing to develop ways to keep you connected without you have to fiddle and operate devices while on the go.

When it comes to Volkswagen, however, keeping your vehicle in sync with your smartphone device is about more than simply keeping you entertained. In fact, with the Volkswagen Connect system, you are able to record essential data about your vehicle and have it presented to you at your fingertips. One of the key components of this system is the Volkswagen DataPlug.

Available free of charge from Volkswagen dealers, the DataPlug is a simple plug-and-play device which slots into your diagnostic port and begins recording data straight away. Combined with your smartphone’s Volkswagen Connect app - available for iPhone and Android devices - the DataPlug will transmit information that can be used to optimise your driving performance and refine your driving style.

For example, with the DataPlug and Volkswagen Connect, you will be provided with a full record of every trip made in your vehicle from start to finish. This record will detail such information as the route taken, time to complete, and even cost per journey. What’s more, you can learn more about your mileage during journeys, showing how it fluctuates and where driving improvements can be made.

Further benefits of the DataPlug and Connect system include the Parking Space feature. Simply log in to your app to see where your vehicle is located and the quickest route to return to your car - particularly essential if it’s pouring with rain! In addition, you can even send this information via smartphone to friends and family, enabling them to meet up with you as quickly as possible.

The DataPlug and Volkswagen Connect system is available for a number of models built since 2008. For more information on whether or not your vehicle can benefit from the technology, or to receive your very own DataPlug, get in touch with the team at Specialist Cars Volkswagen today.