MINI Car Finance Dealer in Scotland

We understand that everybody has different needs when it comes to purchasing a new or approved used MINI, which is why we offer a range of finance plans to cater for your individual circumstances with affordable monthly payments.

Many of our MINI offers can be tailored to suit your specific needs to ensure that funding your new car is manageable – just speak to one of our experienced team members to find out more.

Our MINI finance plans are available for both private and business users and include contract hire, Personal Contract Plan, Hire Purchase, and Lease Purchase agreements.

MINI finance is available on a wide range of models. This includes the practical MINI Countryman, Clubman, convertible, 5 door hatch, 3 door hatch, and even the incredible mini electric. Travelling in style with a MINI couldn't be easier.


PCP MINI finance deals help you get a new car without having to cover the entire cost upfront. This solution offers a flexible plan to fund your new car spreading the cost across an agreed period of time. There will be an initial rental fee and which will then be a far lower monthly fee for the remainder of the term.

One thing to bear in mind with this popular method of financing your car is that it will cover the cost over time, but you won’t fully own it by the end of the term. Once the term is over you’ll have the option to hand your MINI back and get yourself a new deal or pay the balloon payment. This optional final payment allows you to take full ownership of the car.

There is a set distance you can drive each year with a bill to pay for excess mileage if you hand it back with more on the clock.

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A light blue and cream MINI Countryman sits in a white room with the sky visible at the top
A blue MINI Cooper sits in a white room with the sky visible at the top

MINI Hire Purchase Deals

Buying your new MINI by Hire Purchase is a bit different from PCP. This way of financing your new car spreads the full cost over an agreed term. However, in the end, there is no large payment to make at the end. A key advantage of this method is you own the car at the end of the arrangement.

HP is a simple and straightforward way to plan your finances and not find yourself surprised down the line with a large payment at the end.

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MINI Contract Hire Deals

Another way of financing your new MINI is Contract Hire. This method offers the enjoyment of driving a new MINI without the worries of depreciation or having to sell the car. Like the other methods of financing your next MINI this arrangement is for a fixed term too, 

It can also be possible to include maintenance checks in your agreement for an additional fee. 

The full MINI range of cars parked on a flat bricked area outside the TECA in Aberdeen.