Used MINI 5 Door Hatch For Sale in Aberdeen & Tayside

Since it was acquired by BMW in 1994, the MINI has since launched three generations of the Hatch. As the brand evolved, it listened to its customers and saw the need to stretch out their classic 3-Door Hatchback model into a more practical and spacious 5-Door car. 

The MINI Hatch is an upmarket and fashionable car that combines great driving with the classic MINI retro style. The 5-Door Hatchback is a much more family-friendly option, and a recent Hatch facelift has seen a few subtle styling tweaks to ensure the model stays as fresh as possible. If the idea of a 5-Door Hatch appeals to you, read more below.

Why should I buy a MINI 5 Door Hatch?

Starting up the MINI 5-Door Hatch is pretty fun. The Start/Stop toggle switch in the centre console is similar to a missile-launch button in a fighter jet, and once you get it going it’s an excellent drive. An easy car to nip about town, the MINI Hatch will always do well on narrow roads due to its size. 

Unlike the smaller MINI 3-Door Hatch, this slightly larger model allows for up to 941-litres of cargo space (if you drop the rear seats), allowing you to fit a lot more in for those long journeys. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice the back seats for storage however, then you’ll be left with a 278-litre boot and be able to seat 5 people somewhat comfortably. 

A bit like a 60’s jukebox, the centre console and infotainment system is packed with retro charm and the classic MINI look. Other stylish features include the sculpted circular air vents, a funky aspect that you definitely won’t find in the sharp-angled competitor models, such as an Audi A1 or VW Polo. 

What engines and trims are available?

With 3 engines to choose from within the 5-Door Hatch models, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

If you’re spending most of your time driving around town, the entry-level One Model is your best bet with a 102hp 1.5-litre engine. The next step up is in the Cooper with a more powerful 136hp 1.5-litre engine, this car sounds super sporty but costs little to run. The top of the range within the 5-Door Hatchback is the Cooper S, with a bigger 2.0-litre engine that produces 178hp. 

Every model comes with a six-speed manual gearbox or a seven-speed double-clutch semi-automatic transmission, the latter adding a fair bit to your final bill. Bluetooth connectivity is standard, but unfortunately for you Android lovers, you can’t get Android Auto in any of the models. 

For the ultimate driving experience, the 5-Door Hatch puts the power in your hands with a multifunctional steering wheel as standard. It’s superior grip and sporty look enhance the interior of the car, and allow you to operate the centre console at your fingertips.

Other standard features include full and front-rear LED lights, intelligent emergency call (MINI E-call), DAB digital tuner and a high-resolution infotainment touch screen. 

What should I look for?

The MINI Hatch remains a popular and superb drive, and with 3 models to choose from within the 5-Door Hatch range you are going to have to do your research. With the Cooper S providing a big engine with the same small-car level of fun, it may be the best option for you sports car lovers. 

A reliable brand, the 5-Door Hatch is a safe and sturdy car. Regular servicing and general up-keep will help maintain the quality and performance of these models.