MINI Repairs at our MINI Service Centre in Scotland


We've all had them: those heart-sinking moments when we first see the damage. Whether it's the scratch that appeared in the supermarket car park, the dent from that stray golf ball or the result of a bigger incident, any imperfection to your MINI is distressing.

All MINI drivers benefit from complimentary MINI Accident Recovery, regardless of the age of the car or the circumstances of the accident. Simply call 0800 777111 in the event of an incident that has left your car immobile, and we’ll take you to your nearest MINI Approved Bodyshop.

All of our MINI Approved Body shops commit to our ten point Body shop Customer Promise, providing you with peace of mind and reassurance during the repair process.

John Clark MINI Body Shop

At each of our MINI body shops, our manufacturer-trained repairers only use genuine parts and paint to ensure that your MINI is returned to you in the best possible condition. If you purchased your MINI from us then you can also benefit from a free equivalent temporary replacement vehicle while we work on your car.

Remember it is your decision which repairer you want to use, not your insurers.

Your insurer could send you to a non-manufacturer approved repairer, which could affect the terms of your paint and body warranty. Choose us, and rest assured that your MINI will be restored to the highest standards.

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