4 Wheel Drive has changed from the simple term we all think means ‘better in the snow’ to every brand manufacturer offering a different technical system for providing power to all of the wheels.

In a world of confusing language and jargon, let John Clark MINI explain why MINI ALL4 is the ultimate 4x4 system.

The MINI ALL4 4x4 system ensures sportier handling and improved versatility to even further enhance the everyday practicality of the MINI range.

It’s fast, precise and efficient, giving improved traction, stability and agility in all conditions.

But how does it work?

Unlike traditional 4 Wheel Drive systems, MINI ALL4 defaults to a 70/30 split rear to front and is able to divert 100% of power to the rear wheels, All4 starts at 50/50 and is able to re-allocate up to 100% of power back to the front wheels.

The clever system will read the road conditions to also make the vehicle more efficient - As an All4 equipped MINI reaches motorway speeds, the multi-plate wet clutch that sends power to the rear wheels starts to disengage progressively, sending less and less power to the rear wheels as you go faster. At approximately 75 mph, the rear wheels are disengaged entirely… clever right?

MINI ALL4 provides all year round driving pleasure, impressive technology which not only optimises traction and stability on snow and ice, slippery surfaces and loose terrain but also perceptibly increases agility on bends. It is a must for us and now available in the MINI Countryman and Clubman models. below are our most competitive ALL4 Countryman offer.