MINI Heads Up Display

We have long since understood that any distraction while driving can lead to a driver making mistakes and increase the potential for serious, if not life threatening accidents.

These distractions are often linked to the checking of a mobile phone or changing the radio, and more recently, due to the adjustment of in-car features. While some of these features might improve driver experience, they can still be distracting for the driver to check and adjust while driving. While some aspects should only ever be adjusted while your vehicle is stationary, we know that many drivers do not do this.

In order to combat these distractions, Mini has introduced the Mini Head-Up Display (HUD). Available for installation in almost all Mini vehicles, the HUD is a small, barely noticeable device that projects relevant information into the eye line of the driver from a small screen on the dashboard above the steering wheel.

This provides the driver with a variety of different information including the speed that the vehicle is travelling, navigation and warning signals. The display will also alert a driver when a passenger or animal is in the path of the vehicle. This reduces the need for the driver to look down for this information, where it would normally be located.

The HUD provides drivers with a fantastic degree of flexibility, allowing you to choose which information you’d like to have visible at any one time through the iDrive Controller. HUD can also be synced with smartphones and project information from the phone onto the display.

So what’s the impact on safety? The HUD’s projected image is designed to be easy for the driver to read and interpret, and is estimated to reduce distraction time by up to 50%. Yes, really!

There’s no real value you can put on safety, and we think this one’s a winner.