​We Welcome The Remastered MINI 

​While the original and much-loved MINI might not be in production any longer, spare parts are and David Brown Automotive is the master of resurrecting these classic models. Blending the aesthetic of these retro cars with the updated rebuilt engine and transmission make for a soul-stirring combination.

Although this model will be as close to the original as possible, nuts, bolts, and body shell are brand new. The fit and finish have been updated and refreshed with premium leather upholstery and knurled aluminium knobs.  Technology has been introduced wit Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a satellite navigation. All of which make this model not only aesthetic but seriously great to drive. 

Remastered MINI
Remastered MINI

As for the performance of this remastered MINI, the four-cylinder engine displaces 1,275 cubic centimetres, translating to 8 horsepower and 91 pound-feet of torque. A 1,300-cc option can be had too, packing 94 horsepower at 6,100rpm and 87 pound-feet at 4,000 rpm. This remastered MINI doesn’t have such amenities as ABS, tractions control or airbags. Although this is something we have come to expect from our usual models, when buying a remastered edition, we do like some parts to be as original as possible.

Three MINI models have been remastered to suit every style. The first remastered MINI is known as ‘Dark Necessities’ with dark features in black with gold flake. This model is complemented with an all-black interior with the inspiration taken from rock ‘n’ roll feel. The second model is styled around a beach theme, with a Webasto panoramic sun roof, marine-grade waterproof leather mixed with Kvadrat premium fabric on the interior and a two-tone, three -layer exterior that includes a matte finish around the glass pillars. The third and final MINI characterises an alpine and ski theme with bespoke mountain-scape graphics, handcrafted bonnet straps, British sheepskin wool mats and a handcrafted, bespoke picnic set. Whatever your tastes might be, experience a taste of the old school driving without the worry of a broken-down engine.