Benefits of a Mini Main Dealer Service

Mini Servicing in Scotland

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Choosing a main dealer to service your MINI is important for you and your MINI. Using a main dealer, such as John Clark in Aberdeen or Dundee, means your car will be serviced by MINI-trained, knowledgeable technicians who know your car inside and out. The parts used will be genuine MINI parts which come with a two-year guarantee. This means peace of mind for you that your MINI will continue to be safe, continue to be truly a MINI, and continue to give a top-quality, smooth drive.

Drivers who own a Countryman, a Roadster, or any other stunning MINI model can be certain that they have made the best possible choice of service centre, if they choose John Clark MINI. Our teams have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of each MINI, enabling them to carry out thorough inspections, repairs and maintenance using state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment made specifically for MINIs. The technology can quickly assess the vehicle and pinpoint any existing or potential future problem issues.

Going to a non-manufacturer-approved centre could not only affect the terms of your vehicle warranty, it could also affect the safety, performance and value of your MINI. The best way to ensure that your MINI is given the optimal professional care is to always have it serviced by a main dealer. An official dealer's stamp in your service book will boost your MINI's value in the long run.

Main dealerships can offer fantastic discounts on servicing. The MINI UK-wide network means your MINI will receive the best possible care at the lowest possible price. At John Clark, you'll find there are no shortcuts taken on our Value Service. With oil services you benefit from a brand new microfilter, we throw in a new sensor with all brake pad replacements, and a quality-enhancement check comes as standard on each vehicle. Finally, we wash and vacuum your MINI so it not only performs as new, but looks new, too. If you purchased your car from us then you can also benefit from one of our free courtesy vehicles, while we work on yours.

The best way to ensure that your MINI receives the best care and professionalism is to always have it serviced at a main dealership. You can book your MINI in at either of the John Clark MINI service centres in Aberdeen or Dundee.