MINI Pit Stop at John Clark MINI

To save you valuable time we have taken a selection of our popular services and put them on the fast track. Ask today about our Pit Stop Options, allowing your MINI to be back where it belongs - on the road - as soon as possible.

There are four steps to our Pit Stop Service.

1. Contact our Service Department and book an Appointment.

Our team will immediately check whether the work can be completed as an Express Service, how long it is expected to take and how much it will cost.

2. Bring in your MINI.

You arrive prior to the appointment time and your MINI is checked in immediately so work can begin without delay. It should take no longer than 90 minutes maximum!

3. Enjoy our hospitality.

Relax, finish some work, enjoy the wide range of facilities and your short stay can be productive.

4. Drive away.

With all work completed within the agreed time, your MINI is ready for the road.

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