MINI Cosmetic Maintenance Plan

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the no claims bonus you had built up over many years was lost due to a minor scratch or dent on the bodywork?

With our smart repair insurance, your vehicle can remain in optimum condition without you having to make insurance claims or compromise any no claims bonuses.

Our innovative cosmetic maintenance plan has been designed to maintain the visual appearance and value of your vehicle through regular scheduled check-ups and repairs.

What is covered?

· Scrapes

· Scratches

· Debris marks

· Surface scuffs

· Minor stone chips

· Minor indentations


mini convertible electric

What are the key benefits?

· Up to 10 treatments per annum

· Professional repair carried out by a John Clark repair centre

· Repairs guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle

MINI Maintenance plan

This plan, available from John Clark MINI will provide 4 quarterly maintenance inspections per annum. Although some exclusions apply, you can rest easy, knowing that your vehicle’s condition and future value are in safe hands.

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