Peugeot Service Offers in Aberdeen

Keeping your vehicle in great shape requires regular maintenance. Not only does scheduled aftersales care ensure your vehicle runs smoothly, it also upholds its roadworthiness. At Specialist Cars Peugeot in Aberdeen, we know that keeping everything in tip-top condition takes investment, which is why we aim to make our Peugeot servicing, MOTs and checks as affordable as possible.

Our Peugeot servicing offers ensure that whatever your needs – from a basic seasonal health check to fixed price maintenance – you’ll enjoy superb discounts and deals throughout the year. Whether you have a brand new model that simply requires an annual service, or a vehicle of four years or older that needs a regular Peugeot MOT test too, we offer fantastic prices that save you money over the whole period of ownership.

Choosing Specialist Cars Peugeot means that you can rest assured your car is in the safest of hands. With fully equipped workshops and trained technicians who know every one of the brand’s models inside out, we can identify and remedy any faults or issues quickly and efficiently. That means you can get back on the road as swiftly as possible and with minimum inconvenience.

When making replacements, we also use only genuine, approved Peugeot parts, which come with a warranty to guarantee their quality. This in turn ensures the optimum fit, safety and longevity of the part, keeping your vehicle performing at its best, mile after mile.

For further details on our Peugeot service and maintenance offers, click on a promotion below. Alternatively, contact the knowledgeable aftersales team at our dealership in Aberdeen to book your car in or chat about your needs. We’ll be happy to perform work at a time that suits you, all the while offering the best possible prices and deals to save you money.