​The All-New Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric: The First More Sustainably Designed All-Electric Family Vehicle​

Close up of the front half of a white all-new Renault Scenic
Side view of a white all-new Renault Scenic e-tech
Close up on the rear half of a white all-new Renault Scenic e-tech

The Renault Scenic is a story that has been written for over 27 years and the model revolutionised the market by becoming the first compact MPV in European automotive history and the name Scenic is short for “Safety Concept Embodied in a New Innovative Car”. Today’s model has come a long way from the original launched in 1996 and will offer an all-electric powertrain and is recasting C-segment cars for families.

It is built on the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance CMF-EV platform with a small footprint for its category but with record-braking roominess for passengers. The 2.78 metre wheelbase makes it spacious with a 278mm knee radius in the rear seats and a 545-litre boot space to utilise. The OpenR Link multimedia system allows you to utilise more than 50 apps which helps you effortlessly plan every journey and its signature sound was developed in collaboration with composer Jean-Michel Jarre.

Its electric motor will deliver up to 160 kW which is the equivalent of 220hp, making it incredibly agile and lively on every drive from the moment you start the car. It will also become the first all-electric model in Renault’s line up to include the exhilarating Esprit Alpine trim.

Through the Renault Group’s Purpose and Renaulution strategic plans they are becoming a next-generation, tech-centred company that is geared for creating economic value as much as environmental and social value and aiming for carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and worldwide by 2050.

The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is assembled in France, at the ElectriCity plant in Douai, and is blazing a new trail towards greener, safer and more avantgarde mobility. Its motor is also made in France, at the Megafactory in Cléon. Up to 24% of the vehicle’s materials are recycled and 90% of its mass – including the battery – is recyclable, under the terms of Directive 2005/64/EC, in industrial facilities.

Fabrice Cambolive, CEO of Renault Brand, commented: "In 1996, Scenic was a new object that reinvented the rules and modernised family cars. All-new Scenic E-Tech electric follows this path. It’s an all-rounder electric car, designed with sustainability at the core, capable of travelling long distances. It offers outstanding interior space while remaining compact, brightness, comfort and state-of-the-art connectivity."

Interior of the all-new Renault Scenic e-tech looking at the driver's side of the cabin
Front view of a white all-new Renault Scenic e-tech which is plugged in and charging
Interior of the all-new Renault Scenic e-tech showing the panoramic glass roof