The New Renault Arkana Previews In Russia

Renault have just released their first coupe-crossover in Moscow this week which has left us awestruck and wanting more.

Renault have introduced their new beautiful and unique take on the urban crossover. Branching in this type of market shows strength and intuition by offers a practical car and what we hope will be a great price.

This new Renault Arkana has sourced its name from Latin meaning ‘secret’ but it is definitely no secret how amazing we think this new vehicle is. It’s styling is classically Renault, with a mix of sharp edges and soft curves that will definitely make an impression on the road. Blending the two contracts of a sportier body type and the size of an SUV show that we could perhaps expect great performance and amazing cabin space inside. At the back of the car is has been given the new style rear-light which has become a signature of the Renault Megane. Standing tall on 19-inch wheels whoever driving this will feel head and shoulders above the rest.

Senior-Vice-President of Corporate Design of Groupe Renault commented on the Arkana saying, “We have dialled in specific Renault cues, with a strong design, strength, and sensuality with a French touch.”

Although the images are what Renault like to call the “show car” it has been said that the cars aesthetic won’t differ greatly from what we see here. The main changes would be to increase the size of the door mirrors and the interior of the car.

Russia was very lucky to have been able to see the first release of the Renault Arkana in Moscow earlier this week. The car will launch in Russia in 2019 and then further distribution throughout Asia. We are still holding our breath that we’ll be able to test drive this for ourselves at Specialist Cars Aberdeen. But do not fear, you'll be the first to know when you can get yourself behind the wheel!