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A Brief History ​of The Renault Clio


​From the very beginning the Renault Clio has been stealing the hearts of drivers across the globe with its cute stylish aesthetics and practical solutions. No wonder it is the world’s all-time best-selling French vehicle! ​

​Launched in 1990

Clio was formally introduced as a ‘versatile small car, designed and manufactured according to the same rigorous criteria as its larger siblings’. Breaking the mould, the Renault brand stopped referring to their cars with numbers and started naming them. Almost as soon as the car launched it was elected European Car of the Year Award in 1991.The jury remarked on ‘remarkable style, good quality level and generous cabin/luggage space’.

Like a Fine Wine

The first-generation Renault Clio’s made a bold statement on the UK and European Market. But nothing lasts forever and in 1998 a second generation of Clio’s were born. These had a revised style, softer edges and more up to date technology and safety built in. This enabled consumers to fall in love with the Clio all over again. Success was in their sights, but Renault wasn’t going to stop there. 

Is three the magic number?

In 2005 a third-generation of Clio arrived. With a longer shape, more cabin space and up to date safety and technology, the Renault Clio was back and better than ever. The interior was upgraded to include more modern features. The engines were consistently improving with more focus on the driving experience. The reaction was positive for Renault.With Euro NCAP awarding the vehicle with five-stars and earing the coveted European Car of the Year Award 2006.

Two Decades of Clio

The fourth generation of the Renault Clio was unveiled in 2012. This reignited our imaginations on what was soon becoming an iconic car. In true Renault style the revised version expressed passion and seduction while continuing to offer a comprehensive range of equipment, notably including integrated and connected R-LINK multimedia tablet. How far the Renault Clio had came from the early humble days. Keeping to the same mantra throughout, ‘making innovation accessible’, Renault have produced a car that has always been ahead of the curve.