Renault Trezor Concept.

Welcome to an exciting future! A 2-seater electric coupé, the Renault TREZOR Concept is the beginning of a new cycle of concept cars for Renault and it explores the styling and technology of future models. With its welcoming style and its services geared towards driving pleasure, this electric GT embodies the Renault vision of future mobility and their automotive passion.


The Renault TREZOR Concept is following in Renault’s redesign across the entire range, with clean, simple and sensual lines the TREZOR has been given the signature C-shaped lighting which was launched first on the DEZIR Concept and has been rolled out into the range starting with CLIO.

The bonnet features a honeycomb-shaped air inlet to cool the batteries beneath, but the rear section of the bodywork is also covered in a “parometric” design which changes form as they glide into the curves of the rear wheel arches.

Rather than doors, the Renault TREZOR’s huge red windscreen lifts up in one swift movement to allow you and your passenger access into the luxurious red cabin. You may be surprised to find out that the red wooden dashboard incorporates a luggage compartment, with tailor-made trunks, held in place by leather straps, which sit alongside the deep red, smooth leather seats. The sleek line of the dashboard highlights a high-tech interior with a large touch screen. The rectangular steering wheel also has touch screens instead of the traditional controls – the headrests even automatically move back to make driving this car as comfortable as possible.

Sportiness and connectivity:

The Trezor engine has the power of 260Kw (350bhp) and a torque of 380Nm, meaning the Trezor can go from 0-64 in LESS than 4 seconds! And staying true to the Trezors counterparts already racing in Formula E Renault has given the Trezor RESS (Reusable Energy Storage System) technology which enables it to recover energy during braking – meaning it can cover more miles before needing its next charge!

And above all of this is the 3 driving styles you can choose from:

  • Neutral – for your everyday drive
  • Sport – for when you’re looking for a bit more fun
  • “Self-Drive” – Yes you read that correctly, this car can drive itself, freeing you up to relax and take in the scenery, watch a film or chat to your passenger.

These driving styles can be chosen from the Renault “Multi-Sense” system, which not only allows you to select driving style but also what lighting you would like in the ‘cabin’.

Even if it does look like it belongs in a futuristic sci-fi film we must admit we have a soft spot for this car – it just sounds like the type of car you could spend hours in and enjoy every second!

Lets hope this is not a fantasy for too long…

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Renault Trezor
Specialist Cars Renault Trezor
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