A rendering of Renault's CMF-B  EV Platform

Renault’s Future CMF-B Platform Begins Endurance Testing and Fine-Tuning

The first decisive step in designing the future production model is testing the first prototype, known as mules, on all types of terrain and grip, including extremely cold conditions. These mules are the first to use the manufacturer’s new CMF-B EV platform which will mean manufacturing costs are 30% less than with the current ZOE model.

The new modular platform is easier to make, develop, and optimise the performance of next generation electric vehicles and will mean that they will be able to be created with adjustable tracks and wheelbases to allow for different body types and styles. The optimised chassis will have a multi-link rear axle, which is usually reserved for more prestige segments, and a lower centre of gravity with the batteries stored under the floor to ensure a greater dynamic performance.

The Renault site in Aubevoye, France, is a confidential testing site in Normandy where future models of the Renault Group are put to the test. The CMF-B EV platform will be challenged by 613 hectares with 35 tracks covering 60km, 2 wind tunnels, 18 corrosion chambers, all hidden within 272 hectares of forest.

It will also be tested in extremely low temperatures in the Arvidsjaur region, not far from the Arctic Circle, in the north of Sweden. This location will test the vehicle’s mechanical performance as the engine, batteries, and other key components are closely monitored to make sure that they perform in these extreme conditions. It allows the team to make sure powder snow doesn’t build up in the brakes or that the shock absorbers and electronic stability control will perform as they should in snow.

The new Renault 5 is due to be unveiled in 2024.