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Find Out About Our Top Three Picks For Larger Vehicles

When buying a larger vehicle there is a lot of new information to take in. Here at Specialist Cars Renault we are always happy to share knowledge and help you make the right choice for you. To make things easier we’ve broken down three of our go-to models which provide extra space for those of you which have a lot of seats to fill.

Renault Captur

The Renault Captur is a great entryway SUV, sitting higher and broader than your usual hatchback. Not only is great on size it’s great of your pocket, with economical petrol and diesel engines available. The Captur’s soft suspension is great at absorbing those bigger bumps and notorious Aberdeen potholes.Uneven roads are a thing of the past as the Captur hugs the road and drives with ease. For those inside the Captur you can enjoy a spacious cabin in the front and rear with enough boot space for the food shop or if you’re packing up for a camping trip. The Captur is that great first step to something bigger.

Renault ​Kadjar

Classed as a small SUV, the Kadjar can give you that four-wheel drive you need while still being very stylish on the road. No need to compromise on space or performance. Whether it’s diesel or petrol engine, the Kadjar has you covered for long and short journeys, keeping you close to the road whilst powering you through those hard corners. With 19inch alloys it gives the driving experience that smooth touch, making even the longest commutes enjoyable. While you’re packing up for that dream road trip you can take advantage of the impressive maximum luggage capacity of 527 litres. Whilst on the road play your all your favourite songs through any device you fancy, with integrated Bluetooth, a DAB radio and a USB socket for your smartphone. The Kadjar makes you want to take on an adventure and steal the spotlight on the road.

Renault Grand Scenic

If you are looking for space and we mean a lot of space, the Renault Grand Scenic is the car of your dreams. With a family sized seven sear MPV it provides excellent driving with the utmost practically. Giving you that chunky, SUV-like appearance and a sleeker, more streamlines styling. The Grand Scenic holds not only all the family but also all the household too. Making it easy to use, Renault have introduced the ‘one-touch’ button for folding the furthest rear seats into the floor space, creating a flat surface for the car to be packed with as much as you dare to fill. Driving the car is smooth and powerful even with the extra room at the back. The streamlined shape and refined engine nips around which takes away from the lumbering feeling other large vehicles may have. Inside the car there is space galore, whether your driver or passenger there won’t be any bumping elbows when getting settled. The boot space boasts 596 litres which is an amazing size for a car this stylish. The Renault Grand Scenic will envelop your whole family in comfort, style and practicality.

You now know all about the driving, the style and the space of our brilliant bigger cars. All you need to do is pick your favourite!