Our Top 3 Low Emission Renault's ​

​There has been a lot of conversation about which fuel types are the best for the environment and for our health.  Here at Specialist Cars Renault we have selected three great cars which are low on CO2 emissions. This way, you can relax and drive with confidence.

Petrol and diesel cars emit harmful exhaust emissions including carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx).  These emissions contribute to greenhouse gases leading to climate change and they also have an impact on air quality.  Choosing a low emission Renault model can reduce these types of gases whilst saving you money on a lower tax band and higher MPG’s.

Our first super green car is the Renault Clio Play.  A model we all know and love but now with the bonus of healthier air flow.  Being apart of the Euro 6 Emissions Standard it means that the Renault Clio only produces 94g/km of CO2 and has 67mpg.  That means you can get more from your full tank and less emissions in the air.

Our second green Renault is the Renault Kadjar.  Emitting only 99g/km of CO2 and reaching 74mpg means that you can get from A to B with no worry’s about too much bad gases in the air.  The Renault Kadjar is a larger vehicle, but it doesn’t compromise on fuel economy.  Not to mention the sleek design and great driving experience.

The third and final Renault we have picked out is the Renault Grand Scenic Dynamique. This Renault emits only 92 g/km of CO2 and can get up to 81mpg. We call is grand for a reason. The Renault Grand Scenic is spacious and environmentally friendlier than other large passenger vehicles on the road.

We have selected three of our current favourites for you to choose from, but the majority of our stock have lower CO2 emissions and fall within the Euro 6 Emissions Standard.Drive smarter and better in Renault. For more information please contact us at Specialist Cars Renault.