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Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric


Can you imagine noise-free roads with no CO2 emissions? Renault’s new generation of city cars represents a cost-effective way to keep your carbon footprint down – and showcases driving of the future.

The Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric range promises to deliver. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this innovative city car emits no CO2, while offering slick performance. It’s your perfect partner for agile urban driving, while providing a greener way to get from A to B – and helping to keep the city streets cleaner.

Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric Range

Jump on board and you can expect a calm and refined environment – designed to complement the Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric forward-thinking approach to motoring. There’s no engine noise to worry about, no matter where you are and the speed you’re travelling. Plus, you’ll enjoy a light-coloured trim and wonderfully supportive seats that keep you comfy.

With the Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric for sale, you’re free to take your pick from two trim levels – each with intelligent technology to match. Even the entry-level Expression option is kitted out with Bluetooth to keep you connected on the go – as well as voice-controlled TomTom satellite navigation via an intuitive seven-inch touchscreen. Meanwhile, upgraded Dynamique models come with a top-of-the-range sound system. And they’re also equipped with rear parking sensors as standard, giving you an audible warning when you get close to any obstacles.

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Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric Exterior

With the Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric, heads will turn wherever you go. You can’t help but notice the seriously slimline headlights, swooping roofline and hidden rear doors – which combine to create a sense of motion, even at a standstill. Clues in the Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric's styling showcase its Zero Emissions (ZE) status. Like the oversized and blue-tinted Renault badge that takes centre stage up front, and also doubles up as a charge point. How clever is that?

Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric Battery

The Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric features a full recyclable lithium-ion battery and an electric engine with a wound rotor that puts out 65kW. Just plug it in and the Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric will adapt to the various power levels available for charging. The latest edition also has the option of the Battery Z.E.40 battery, which delivers an impressive range of 183 miles when in Eco Mode.

Just because the new Renault ZOE E-TECH 100% Electric isn’t powered in the traditional way, that doesn’t mean it isn’t quick off the mark. Even low gear acceleration is impressive, so it’s ideally suited to the stop-and-start nature of city driving. Put your foot down and 220Nm is delivered through the electric motor, enabling responsive and springy performance.

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