At Specialist Cars Renault keeping your tyres in good condition ensures your vechile's road holding and your safety. Tyres are the single point of contact between you, your vehicle and the road.

At Renault we will report on the condition of your tyres at every service and also offer a range of tyres and repair services. Did you know our tyres are rated for fuel economy, wet grip and exterior noise as well as a good price?

You should also check for any damage or unusual wear such as bulges and cuts, as well as checking your tread depth. If your tyres need replacing, simply order new ones online with our simple tyre service.

The minimum legal limit for tyre tread-depth is 1.6mm, so if your tyres are nearing that level, it's time to replace them. Luckily we can help.

Get a fully fitted and competitive replacement tyre quotation at our online tyre store COMING SOON..