Buying a Used Renault Zoe

Bursting with innovation, the Renault Zoe has been one of the most desirable electric city cars on the market for many years.

From its beautiful exterior to the ever-increasing range, Renault has done an outstanding job of keeping the Zoe moving with the times.

As the Zoe was Launched in 2012, it's a car that you won't struggle to find great deals on the used market. Let's dive into what's on offer and a few things to consider when purchasing your next electric car.

Why Should I Buy One?

The Zoe's appeal starts with its sleek exterior, which has evolved with trends as years passed along with the latest trends. You are sure to turn a few heads when around town with one of the newer models. 

Another benefit of this modern hatchback is that it was created to shine in urban environments. This makes it the ideal car for those who live in or around a city. This is reflected in the specs that it boasts. A 2015 Zoe comes with a range of around 149 miles, and a 2020 model raises the bar to 245. Having a car with this range will be ample for day-to-day city life. 

Keeping your Zoe charged is a breeze too. Going from empty to fully charged on a 7kW charger will take around 8-9 hours. Allowing you to get your car energised overnight. 

Drive quality is high in the Zoe. Particularly when darting through busy city streets thanks to its powerful electric motor, which can give it the advantage over ICE competitors. 

Another great reason to get a Renault Zoe for your next used car is the five-star Euro NCAP rating it boasts. With the newer models scoring around 89% and 80% for adult and children protection, respectively, you can have confidence when using a Zoe as a family car. It even has Isofix child seats for extra peace of mind.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Zoe

A vital benefit of the Zoe is that it has been incredibly popular since launch ensuring you will be spoilt for choice.

When looking at used Renault Zoe's, there are a few things you will want to consider. 

Firstly, some older models can reduced brake efficiency. This issue can be with the front wheel inner arch rubbing against the front brake hoses. In exceptional cases, this could cause a leak.

Another issue is that a few of the early Zoe's suffered from the dashboard reflecting in the windscreen. This issue has been rectified, but if you are buying a particularly early Zoe, it might be best to sit in the car and examine it yourself.  

As with buying any used car, check the service history to see that it has been appropriately taken care of and serviced on time. 

The good news is that it would be difficult to go wrong with a used Renault Zoe.