The SKODA Alternative Rich List

What does it mean to be rich? Is it purely the accumulation of financial wealth? With the Alternative Rich List, brought to you by ŠKODA, being considered ‘rich’ is to achieve so much more than having the most money. In fact, with the publication of the latest report, money and finance are far down the pecking order in terms of importance.

In its own words, the Alternative Rich List is ‘celebrating those who champion equality and exemplify the most uplifting side of humanity.’ This is the acknowledgement of those driven by something different to just money and, as such, enables those who dedicate their time and energy in making the world a better place to receive the kudos they deserve.

This year’s Alternative Rich List is the second of its kind to be compiled and shortlists 30 people within the UK that exemplify this uplifting side of humanity. The qualities these individuals display - such as altruism, courage, and integrity - are integral to their success in making the list, with the need to also meet key criteria important to their recognition.

This criteria encompasses a range of attributes: creative and fearless, free-spirited and adventurous, fulfilled and content, altruistic and compassionate, enduring and persevering. By falling into these categories, the 30 finalists have all demonstrated that through giving something back to those around them - be it volunteering or hosting workshops, campaigning for equality or sharing their own hardships in support of others - hope and positive change can be achieved.

Winners of the Alternative Rich List 2018 will be selected by a panel of judges that embodies many of the qualities set out in the criteria. The panel includes actress and disability campaigner Sally Phillips; broadcaster and equality campaigner Trevor Phillips; explorer Levison Wood; founder of the MOBO Awards Kanya King; and head of marketing for ŠKODA UK, Kirten Stagg.

To find out more about the Alternative Rich List 2018 and ŠKODA’s involvement in the campaign, head over to today. You can also learn more about ŠKODA itself by contacting the team at Specialist Cars ŠKODA today.