Why Choose a SKODA?

We love singing about our cars and why customers should choose them. From the distinctive design of SKODA cars to the history behind them, we feel that owning a SKODA is something to be celebrated, for more reasons than one.

So why choose a new SKODA car?

SKODA Began Differently

You may be interested to know that with SKODA, life began not on four wheels, but on two. Originating in the 1890s, SKODA actually started out as a bicycle company, founded by Václav Laurin and Václav Klement. They eventually went on to produce motorcycles and eventually automobiles in 1905, but there's no denying that cycling still plays a big part in the heart of SKODA's design to this day.

SKODA Fabia Interior

SKODA Design Differently

You know when you are driving a SKODA. The distinctive appearance of our cars is inspired by traditional Czech crystal glass design. This innovative design is evident in the clean, razor-sharp lines of our cars, more particularly in the SKODA Kodiaq.

SKODA Think Differently

At the heart of every SKODA model is an honest, human approach. The SKODA design team place the needs and desires of others at the centre of everything they do. This is how they ensure that SKODA cars continue to impress, by keeping well-known elements simple and familiar while introducing new hints of innovation.

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