ŠKODA Kodiaq ever wondered where the name Kodiaq comes from?

We did, so where did the name come from?

We have learnt from various sources that early on in the Kodiaq’s development it was destined to be called “Snowman” or “Polar” but these names were rejected by the then head of Škoda as pure media speculation. However, on December 23rd 2015 Škoda registered the name “Kodiaq”.

Škoda released a short video explaining where it’s new Kodiaq name came from. The Alaskan Island ‘Kodiak’ gives its name to the largest brown bear still alive today.

Škoda describes the Kodiaq as a large and powerful SUV with a protective nature, a strong sense of family and a high degree of outdoor expertise” – essentially, it’s got a lot in common with the ‘grizzly bear’..

So why change the end ‘k’ to a ‘q’?

In a nutshell, the Island of Kodiaks native people the Alutiiq refer to the Kodiak Bear as ‘Taq uka ‘aq’. The letter ‘q’ at the end is quite typical for the names of animals meaning giving the Kodiaq a ‘Q’ demonstrates ‘respect for the language of the Alutiiq’. And stops it being confused with the bear!

It really is that simple and with all the launch activity for the Škoda Kodiaq and to prove that the Island’s people were happy with Škoda deliberate misspelling Kodiaq the Major led a campaign to rename the Island of Kodiak for one day.

Take a minute to watch the brilliant video about KODIAK or KODIAQ!