SKODA Octavia Sets World Record

We all recognise the iconic SKODA winged arrow logo and associate it with our favourite car brand. However, SKODA have now taken it one step further and decided to extend the logo's reach to a wider audience.

Following months of planning and testing, SKODA cars have set out to break the world record of the furthest flight of an arrow caught by hand from a moving car!

The search of the perfect archer to achieve such a massive feat was no easy task, but SKODA finally decided that Olympian Laurence Baldauff was up to the task. Joining him was Martial Arts Coach Markus Haas and seasoned Driver Guido Gluschitsch, each bringing their own areas of expertise to the project.

The most valuable member of the team was the SKODA Octavia Combi RS 245, the speediest member of the Octavia range. Performed on the 2.8-kilometre runway at Zeltweg, the largest military airbase in Austria, the record was officially set and confirmed by Guiness World Records at a distance of 57.5 metres. Well done guys! Watch the full video below.