ŠKODA ​Superb Advanced Technology - ŠKODA Simply Clever

Automatic Parking Assist

For those wishing to make both parallel parking and bay parking easier than ever, you can add Automatic Parking Assist to your Octavia. With a press of a button, the system will begin searching for a parking space in a line of cars or other obstacles.

When a suitable space is found (the car's length + 60cm is all the space needed), the car will steer itself into the space whilst the driver controls the pedals. This system can also steer the car out of a line of cars from its parking space and manoeuvre into a bay parking space.

Lane Assist

The feature can tell when a driver strays from a lane unintentionally. The system is active at speeds above 65 km/h, on condition that there are recognisable lane markings on the road and the indicator has not been turned on prior to crossing a marking.

Traffic Jam Assist

This system provides more safety and comfort in traffic jams and stop-and-go traffic.

Traffic Jam Assist taps into the Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist systems by having them “merge” with it.

In a traffic jam scenario, Lane Assist provides adaptive lane guidance to help the vehicle to stay in lane at speeds below 60 km/h. If ACC is active at the same time, steering, braking and acceleration are carried out automatically, no matter how congested the road is. The driver’s hands must be on the steering wheel for this to work.

Smart Light Assist

This system provides improved safety by optimising illumination in all traffic situations.

Smart Light Assist includes dynamic angle adjustment and a masked high beam. The multi-function camera recognises oncoming traffic and vehicles ahead in the darkness and Smart

Light Assist automatically dips the beam specifically in those areas.

Instead of automatically switching the high beam off, a “mask” is projected onto the road in the area of the vehicle ahead or oncoming vehicles, if necessary. This means it is always

possible to drive with high beam and take advantage of its long reach without dazzling other drivers or oncoming vehicles.