An orange metallic Skoda Enyaq IV Coupe drives along a coastal road.

Škoda Adventure Index Names Italy, Malta, and Denmark as Europe’s Best Road Trip Destinations

Škoda has created an online travel index to help travellers decide where to road trip to in Europe this summer by looking at three distinctive categories: Environment, Adventure, and Road Safety and Camping.

Italy won in the Environment category as it scored highly for world heritage sites and low CO2 emissions. There are 58 UNESCO sites in Italy including Mount Etna, Historic Centre of Florence, Historic Centre of Naples, and the Archaeological Areas of Pompei, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata.

For the Adventure category Malta was the winner as it offers heritage sites alongside stunning scenery and an excellent offering for watersports. Due to its small size in comparison to other countries, TripAdvisor found that Malta had the most extreme sports with 28 activities per 620 miles. However to reach the island you will need to travel to southern Italy before taking one ferry to Sicily and then another to Malta.

For the final category Škoda focused on countries that had the safest roads and the most campsites available to travellers by looking at the number of campsites per 62,000 miles and the number of driving incidents per 100k people. The winner of the Road Safety and Camping category was Denmark thanks to its ample selection of campsites and safe driving routes.

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