Meet Our First Customer

Not many retailers would be able to name its first-ever customer, but since Thomson and Potter acquired the franchise over half a decade ago, 85-year-old Thomas Duncan remains a familiar face.

Having owned nine ŠKODA models, his favourite is undoubtedly the ŠKODA Octavia, of which he is on his eighth. We sat him down to find out what it is that keeps him coming back to ŠKODA.

Thomas Duncan says:

"My very first model was a ŠKODA Felicia Estate, which I bought from a retailer in Dundee. It was the sales manager there who mentioned that Thompson and Potter had just been given the ŠKODA franchise in Burrelton. So, I paid them a visit and the relationship went from there.

The Felicia was followed by an early model Octavia and since then i've only ever owned Octavias. I currently drive a 2.0 litre diesel automatic, which I have owned for two years."

Thomas Duncan - Thompson & Potter ŠKODA Customer
ŠKODA Octavia

"The original Octavia was a very nice car, which was why so many taxi drivers had them. Everything about the car just worked and it still does. Some cars are an absolute mess inside, but the Octavia is so well designed.

Now it is obviously much more technologically advanced, but the Octavia still retains that space and comfort which first drew me to the model. It's just delightful to drive. I use it now just for domestic purposes, like shopping, going on holidays and visiting family. I once drove a previous model to Germany and it was excellent there too, especially on the Autobahn. I can't think of anything else that I would rather drive.

Based on my experience, I would think Thomson and Potter has to be one of the best ŠKODA retailers in the country. If I ever have any issues, they're always happy to help. And, each and every one of them is so friendly. It's just such a nice environment."

For more information on the range of ŠKODA models available at our dealerships in Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth, please get in touch! Our sales team will be happy to help.