ŠKODA Vision X previews 2019 Crossover

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the must-attend events in the automotive calendar, providing experts and enthusiasts the opportunity to discover the world’s foremost manufacturers unveiling their latest models and concept cars. Held in March 2018, this year’s event found ŠKODA using its Vision X SUV concept model to demonstrate the innovative compressed natural gas (CNG) hybrid electric powertrain engine.

This forward-thinking piece of engineering has been developed by ŠKODA to help turn attention to the manner in which CO2 emissions are currently set, highlighting the fact that, at present, CO2 levels are recorded by the exhaust output. As such, there is no consideration afforded to the ‘well to wheel’ CO2 created during energy production.

With the Vision X concept at the Geneva Motor Show, ŠKODA was able to showcase the new CNG hybrid system which combines a 1.5-litre four-cylinder with two electric motors: one a belt-driven starter-generator on the front axle; the second an electric motor on the rear axle. The result is a model capable of racing to 62mph in just 9.3 seconds with a CO2 output of just 89g/km.

The project, according to ŠKODA’s head of powertrains, was conducted in order to demonstrate that what is effectively four-wheel drive technology can be brought into smaller cars. “Four-wheel-drive machines make up 10% of ŠKODA sales. There’s no 4WD in the entry-level A segment, so this can help us offer a car of that size with four-wheel drive,” said Martin Hrdlicka.

While the innovative engine technology obviously garnered a lot of media attention, the Vision X itself also hinted significantly at what the future of ŠKODA’s crossover vehicles might look like. There are undoubted echoes of the Karoq and Kodiaq in the Vision X’s appearance, but also subtle changes that promise an exciting new look. With a wide dashboard featuring a large touchscreen, L-shaped tail lights, and a 2+2 seating arrangement, the next SUV from the marqueis certain to turn heads.

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