Skoda Oil & Inspection Service

£235 Oil and inspection service includes:

Oil & filter change (premium synthetic oil)* including pollen filter

Full car road test – which includes checking steering operation, clutch and braking operation, engine performance, suspension noise & driving controls.

Inspection of all lights, instruments, bodywork, glass, locks, battery, drive belts, suspension, steering, fuel lines, brake pads/shoes/discs, hoses, wash/wipe system, exhaust system, engine components, fluid levels and tyres.

Diagnostic checks and visual health checks including reports

Wash and vacuum


*Please note that depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle, additional items may be due during your Oil and Inspection Service. These include but are not limited to, pollen filter, spark plugs (petrol vehicles only), air filter (petrol vehicles only) and diesel fuel filter (diesel vehicles only).