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ŠKODA tyres are built to last. ŠKODA have always been known for their build quality and reliability, and ŠKODA tyres are certainly no different.We have a wide range of ŠKODA tyres available, as well as aftersales care. Take a look at the full range of ŠKODA tyres online today.

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We have a wide range of ŠKODA tyres available, and it includes everything from ŠKODA Yeti tyres to ŠKODA Octavia tyres. No matter what model of ŠKODA you have, we have tyres available and can get you back out on the road in no time.

ŠKODA Tyres: Know the Requirements

As a ŠKODA owner, you'll want to ensure you take responsibility for keeping your car running smoothly, and part of this is making sure your tyres are legal. Whether you’ve got ŠKODA Octavia VRS tyres or ŠKODA Yeti tyres, the rules are the same. So make sure you know them. The minimum legal limit for tyre tread-depth is 1.6mm, so if your tyres are nearing that level, it's time to replace them. Luckily we can help.

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