Hybrid And Electric Volkswagen Cars For Sale In Scotland

Available in Aberdeen, Kirkcaldy, and Dunfermline

John Clark Motor Group is a family owned business and is manufacturer approved with Volkswagen sites in Aberdeen, and Kirkcaldy, and an additional supporting site in Dunfermline.

Across these sites we offer a high quality selection of new and used hybrid and electric VW cars, with services including Approved Used Volkswagen Cars in Aberdeen and Kirkcaldy. If you are looking to make the switch from a petrol engine to either plug in hybrid cars or pure electric vehicles we have a great selection available for you to view and test drive today from Volkswagen's electric mobility range.

An electric car and a plug in hybrid car are able to reduced tailpipe emissions by using an electric motor to provide power to the front and rear wheels which makes the car more efficient too. A fully or partially electric vehicle generally also has better performance as the batteries provide instant torque compared to the alternative petrol or diesel engine cars.

"Fuel consumption", or electric range will vary from model to model on both electric and hybrid models but with rapid technical development the latest evolutionary stage generation of electric and hybrid drives from Volkswagen are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible and setting new standards with the Volkswagen ID. range.

This includes models such as the Volkswagen ID. 3 (the first Volkswagen to be fully and completely electric in the range), Volkswagen ID. 4, VW ID. Buzz and the exciting future models that the brand plans for the range. As well as this, new generations of models such as the new Passat, New Tiguan, Golf GTE, and the SUV range will include hybrid or electric options moving forward as Volkswagen moves towards more sustainability.

Our teams at our Volkswagen sites in Aberdeen, Kirkcaldy, and Dunfermline will happily answer any further questions you have about government grants, the benefits of electric cars and hybrid cars, the different model options available, and charging.